Firedoglake Welcomes Sam Pizzigati, author of The Rich Don’t Always Win

February 11, 2013

Check out Sam Pizzigati’s interview yesterday on the Firedoglake Book Salon all about income inequality and how we can learn from the struggle that the poor and middle class went through in the first half of the 20th century to balance that inequality.

Hosted by John Cavanagh, who says: “We desperately need a new movement mighty enough to beat back our staggering economic inequality.  With the assistance of books like Sam’s, that new movement can learn vital lessons from our not-so-distant past.”

Says Sam Pizzigati: “A century ago, we had a United States where the nation’s wealth sat concentrated in the hands of a small and powerful few. We face that same situation today.

To turn this situation around, I think we need both information and inspiration — the information that can help us identify what we could do to truly “share the wealth,” the inspiration that wealth, in a modern economy, really can be shared.”

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