Fight the Power! Learn how to protest by looking at history

September 27, 2013

Fight the Power! Seven Stories Press

Think the Occupy Movement had no impact in reining in Wall Street and calling attention to massive economic inequality? What would you have done differently? There’s no better way to become a more engaged protester (and citizen) than by looking at protest movements of the past. 

Fight the Power!: A Visual History of Protest Among the English Speaking Peoples just released this week.

In Fight the Power! authors Sean Michael Wilson and Benjamin Dickson team up with illustrators Hunt Emerson, John Spelling, and Adam Pasion to recreate the history that matters to the masses through a visually stunning and accessible art form. 

From Dublin to Birmingham, from Nelson Mandela to Rosa Parks, Fight the Power! chronicles the protests of the English-speaking nations and shows how, slowly but surely, rights have been won and liberties have been protected by the people, for the people. Fight the Power! illuminates history through the struggles of the Luddites and Swig Riots of the early 1800s up to the Occupy movement, and shows the valuable connections among them. The vibrant pages provide an access point into a people’s account of the hard-fought battles of the 99% and the victories over oppression, corruption, and the powers that be.

The American people are ready for the next major protest movement, one that addresses the many problems facing the poor and middle classes and creates lasting change. Let’s learn from past protest movements and get ideas for future ones!

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