Field Guide for Female Investigators shortlisted for the T R Fyvel Book Award

Field Guide for Female Investigators shortlisted for the T R Fyvel Book Award

March 17, 2009

Coco Fusco’s A Field Guide for Female Investigators has been shortlisted for the TR Fyvel Book Award, one of Index on Censorship‘s five Freedom of Expression Awards for 2009.

Since its founding in 1972, Index on Censorship has been one of the voices raised highest against political repression around the world, with notable contributors to the magazine and organization including Noam Chomsky, Nadine Gordimer, Milan Kundera and Václav Havel. The annual Freedom of Expression Awards continue the tradition of honoring those novelists and journalists, those artists and citizens whose work and lives make an outstanding contribution to the cause of freedom of expression around the world. The awards are presented in association with the Guardian, the Economist, the Robert Gavron Trust, and Bindmans.

Previous winners of the TR Fyvel book award have included: Jean Hatzfeld for Into the Quick of Life and A Time for Machetes, two books examining the Rwandan genocide from the point of view of its victims and its perpetrators alike, Francisco Goldman for The Art of Political Murder, an investigation into the killing of Guatemala’s Bishop Gerardi, and Samir Kassir for Being Arab, a provocative study of the Arab world that led in part to Kassir’s assassination in Beruit in 2005. Coco Fusco’s fellow shortlistees for the 2009 award include Ma Jian, Nicholson Baker, and Lieve Joris.

All of this is a very long way of saying something very simple: with Field Guide for Female Investigators, Coco Fusco has proved herself to be among the most effective writers against censorship and political repression in the world today.

The winner of the awards will be announced on April 21 in London. To learn more about the Freedom of Expression Awards, take a look at the Index on Censorship page here. To learn more about Fusco’s work, take a look at A Field Guide for Female Investigators here at Seven Stories Press.

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