Daybreak reviewed in the North Coast Journal

Daybreak reviewed in the North Coast Journal

October 13, 2009

From Dave Berman’s review of David Swanson’s Daybreak at the North Coast Journal:

Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union is the first book from David Swanson, known for the Web sites, and work with Progressive Democrats for America and Swanson’s pedigree might suggest a partisan perspective, but Daybreak reveals utopian idealism equally critical of Obama, both parties and the two-party system. He is deeply devoted to restoring the rule of law through populist policies, wide-ranging reforms and most demonstrably his own direct actions.

. . . Focusing on the relationship between the three branches of federal government, Swanson documents the illegal redefinition of roles in recent times, via signing statements and other executive overreach; abdication of spending powers; refusal to impeach and other congressional self-castration; and selective judicial activism. While recommending many Constitutional changes, Swanson also writes: “The most glaring problem with [the Constitution] is not dated concepts or ambiguous wording, but our failure to enforce it.”

To the credit of Swanson’s broad perspective, Daybreak recognizes the interrelatedness of myriad issues, offering insight to both problems and solutions involving the economy, imperialistic military, consolidated media control, corporate personhood, health care, wealth inequality, election integrity, campaign finance reform, whistleblower protections, education, labor, civil liberties and more.

The rest of this review can be found at North Coast Journal, and a slightly longer version appears at OpEdNews. The actual book is available directly from the Seven Stories site.

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