David Swanson on Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

David Swanson on Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

October 9, 2009

From Daybreak author David Swanson, on the subject of Barack Obama’s being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this morning:

What a sick, sick joke. They’ve given him a peace prize because they want him to work for peace. But do you think he’ll bother, after already having been given the prize? They should at least be green about it and recycle Kissinger’s. In other news, the National Football League has given next year’s Vince Lombardi trophy to Cleveland, to encourage them.

Meanwhile: WaPo’s Cillizza Explains That Peace Prize Allows Obama to Escalate War

“Winning the Nobel Prize will allow Obama to go to his divided Democratic caucus and make the case far more forcefully that the time is now to stay united behind him on Afghanistan. It isn’t a silver bullet solution as many liberal members have strongly held beliefs on the issue that aren’t likely to change simply because Obama is a Nobel Prize winner, but for many who are on the fence, the prize may be just the thing that pushes them onto Obama’s side.”

And of course, without looking I can be sure Republicans are preparing to denounce any move toward peace as influenced by socialists in Scandinavia, and Obama is preparing to obey Republicans. Shouldn’t the damn Nobel committee have asked someone how US politics works before pulling this stunt?

Please stop telling me that the way to get Obama to actually work for peace is to cheer for him having received a peace award as a war monger. I respectfully find this well-intentioned and counterproductive. We can’t influence a president and shouldn’t want power to rest with a president. This takes us away from forcing the House to cut off the money for the war, which is the best chance we have. Not to mention the little glitch that Obama has not done anything to celebrate. Protesting a war-making president is bad enough. Celebrating him and pretending he’s peaceful is beyond pathetic. I get that it’s intended as strategic and smooth and taking advantage of big news and so forth. But intentions don’t save lives.

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