Birth Matters gets starred review in Publishers Weekly

Birth Matters gets starred review in Publishers Weekly

March 18, 2011

Internationally recognized midwife and maternity advocate Gaskin here takes a new look at birth throughout history and as it is accomplished today, making another scientifically supported claim for birth as a natural process. In light of the current trend of rising maternal mortality rates combined with escalating maternity care costs per capita, Gaskin pleads for “greater involvement of women in the formulation of maternity care policy and in the education of young women and men about birth.” Famous for founding The Farm in Tennessee (1971), where natural birth surrounded by friends and family is the norm and not the exception, and for her influential book Spiritual Midwifery, Gaskin, as the foremost authority on homebirth, is important to many subject specialists. Her new title elegantly covers the normalcy and power of birth, includes birth stories, and makes sound arguments for more support and less intervention. An essential acquisition. —Publishers Weekly

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