Be a Healthy Woman: Gary Null on alternative treatments for cervical cancer

Be a Healthy Woman: Gary Null on alternative treatments for cervical cancer

April 9, 2009

Gary Null, author with Amy McDonald of Be a Healthy Woman, on alternative treatments for cervical cancer:

Cervical cancer is associated with cervical dysplasia… Although not all cases of cervical dysplasia result in cancer, it can be the first stage of a malignancy.

Oral contraceptives and DES (diethylstilbestrol), reduced physical activity, multiple sexual partners or having the first intercourse at a young age, smoking, frequent douching, genital herpes, and multiple pregnancies are all associated with cervical cancer.

In the early stages of cervical cancer, symptoms are usually absent, although there may be a watery vaginal discharge or spotty bleeding. Signs of advanced cervical cancer include dark, odorous vaginal discharges; fistulas; weight loss; and back and leg pain. One’s chance of survival increases with early discovery through yearly Pap tests.

Dr. Reid warns that a chronic inflammation left untreated can become cervical dysplasia and eventually cervical cancer. She says that cervical conditions may be related to a virus. “Natural medicine has a really good track record in treating cervical dysplasia before it gets to cancer. I would not treat cervical cancer with natural remedies. A woman would normally have the cervix removed surgically.”


“To treat cervical dysplasia, we use a diet high in fiber as well as flax seeds, olives, and avocados. There is some recent research that shows that olives contain immune-enhancing substances. And of course, I recommend a lot of fruits and vegetables.”

Dr. Reid also recommends using supplements and botanicals. These include folic acid, beta carotene, and vitamins E and C with bioflavonoids. She also has a six-week set protocol that utilizes suppositories. It begins with mild herbal suppositories, which she alternates with more intense herbal suppositories followed by a healing herbal suppository. In one study, thirty-eight out of forty-three patients with cervical dysplasia using this treatment had their Pap smears revert to normal.

Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas have been used by thousands of cancer patients outside the realm of traditional medical care. Hildebrand explains: “Boiled coffee in retention enemas stimulates the liver’s enzyme system, which in turn causes great relief from pain in cancer patients. The liver has more than a thousand documented medical functions. When we help it work better and faster, a cancer patient’s overall physiological condition changes, sometimes within hours and certainly within the first several weeks of treatment. You have a whole different person. People come off gurneys and out of beds, excruciating chronic pain is eased, and addiction to morphine is broken.

“Every three minutes, all the blood in our bodies goes through the liver. Our livers and small intestine walls have an enzyme system with a fancy name that we will call GST for short [GST refers to the glutathione S-transferases]. This enzyme system naturally responds to cancer in the body by going up, and coffee enemas have been shown in laboratory experiments with rats, and in later experiments with humans, to produce increased liver bile flow and to stimulate the GST enzyme system. In fact, it’s raised to 700 percent of normal levels of activity.

“When the GST system is running that fast, it can effectively remove tumor toxins from the bloodstream. And it doesn’t take very long. The effects of these coffee enemas will last for sometimes four, six, or eight hours before a feeling of discomfort and pain around the tumor returns. They’re that effective.”

Hyperbaric Oxygen

Hildebrand also looks at increasing circulation with full-body-immersion oxygen therapy. “Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is given in a diving chamber that used to be used to treat the bends,” he says. “There’s been a lot of fascination with ozone in cancer treatment in the alternative field. But what we found is that ozone applications raise tissue oxygen only by 25 to 50 percent, whereas hyperbaric oxygen can predictably raise oxygenation much higher. This means that tissue around the tumor, which doesn’t have enough oxygen to function, can get sufficient oxygen for energy production. This will also allow the tissue to repair itself by producing a high-potassium, low-sodium environment, so that this edema can come out of the tissue.”

With the Gardasil controversy still an active concern—and with Gary Null still covering the alternative health topics few others are willing to touch—there’s no better time to get your copy of Be a Healthy Woman, now available from Seven Stories.

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