Barry Gifford profiled in the Contra Costa Times

Barry Gifford profiled in the Contra Costa Times

June 19, 2009

Barry Gifford, an author who needs no introduction, recently sat down with Dave Newhouse to discuss writing, strange career paths, and the perks of being “an author who’s like his characters“:

At 62, [Gifford is] merely warming up in his much-honored literary career.

“The main thing to maintain is your curiosity,” he said. “If you stay curious, you stay alive. If you can remain an optimist, that’s even better. And I am, definitely.”

He knows famous writers who “hate to write, but I’ve never thought of writing as a job. I still kind of sneak up on it, and it’s always kind of amazing to me to think I was able to do this.”

The rest of the article is available at the Contra Costa Times site—and for more on the strange life and imagination of Barry Gifford, take a look at the semi-autobiographical Memories from a Sinking Ship, winner of the Christopher Isherwood Foundation Award for Fiction, and the Sailor & Lula capstone Imagination of the Heart.

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