Anna Anthropy’s new game Dys4ia receives rave reviews!

Anna Anthropy’s new game Dys4ia receives rave reviews!

March 12, 2012

Anna Anthropy’s new game Dys4ia, inspired by her experiences on hormone replacement therapy, has already received 63,000 views after just three days on Newgrounds! Play the game HERE.

Following on the heels of her release party at Modern Times in San Francisco for her forthcoming book Rise of the Videogame Zinesters, and the popularity of Dys4ia, are home page features on both TIGSource and

What TIGSource had to say: “Each of the little games is well done, easy to understand, and a creative use of combining the topic and videogames, I enjoyed playing it just to see all the different ones. If you’re a game dev who wants to see art games done right, where the mechanics actually tie in to the theme, this is a great example.”

What IndieGames had to say: “Told through a series of mini-games, dys4ia is intimate and thought-provoking.”

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