Amy Steele of Entertainment Realm reviews In Our Control

Amy Steele of Entertainment Realm reviews In Our Control

June 30, 2010

From the In Our Control review at Amy Steele’s Entertainment Realm:

A decade ago, I had an exploratory laparoscopy and asked my gynecologist if she would complete a tubal ligation as well. She insisted that I wait a few years to think it over. I’ve always known I do not want children. I’ve never heard a biological clock ticking. When I saw a 29-year-old guy interviewed on The Today Show because he had elected to get a vasectomy, I fumed. Are all women supposed to WANT to give birth or expected to desire children? What could possibly be the reason why I was denied tubal ligation at 29 yet a guy could get a vasectomy?

I hadn’t heard much about IUDs and now I’m considering getting one. In Our Control: The Complete Guide to Contraceptive Choices for Women by women’s health writer Laura Eldridge provided me with detailed and enlightening information about the IUD that I didn’t know. Eldridge covers the Pill, IUDs, Plan B [the morning after pill], HPV vaccinations and more. Women’s health– particularly women’s sexuality and contraception– is rarely addressed to the extent it should be.

In Our Control doesn’t read like a scientific article but a wise and thoroughly researched expose on all aspects of contraception. Eldridge writes in a practical, often conversational format which should appeal to readers at all interest levels. … In Our Control should be kept on one’s bookshelf for reference next to Our Bodies, Ourselves and FLOW.

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