All the news too fit to print

October 9, 2015

“Half the world’s wealth owned by its richest 1%”

“Government Spying ‘Chills’ Writers’ Freedom of Expression”

“Popular Resistance to Corporate Water Grabbing”

Huff_Censored2016_RGB_150dpi (1)Imagine a world where these headlines dominated news reports.  These stories are absolutely true, but you won’t find them on the front pages, because they threaten the interests of the powerful corporations that hold our news media in a headlock.

Enter Project Censored – an organization that, for forty years, has fought to save our democracy from “junk food news” by telling the real stories crucial for an understanding of the world we’re living in.

In what has become an annual source of information and a rallying cry for intellectual courage, Project Censored each year produces a book that includes the top 25 underreported news stories, crucial independent reportage from around the world, and sharp analysis of the news that has dominated the corporate press over the past twelve months.  Besides the stories listed above, this year’s edition features reports on US police violence, NSA surveillance, climate change, the sugar lobby, and much more.

It’s always cause for celebration  when each year’s Censored comes out — a sign that some of our best minds are still paying attention, protecting us from being hoodwinked by the junk food news industry, offering instead the nourishment of real civic engagement with the facts of what’s going on in our world.

In this spirit, we’re delighted to welcome this year’s Censored into the world — and into bookstores everywhere.  Pick yours up today!  And then visit to see what else the impassioned, devoted, and peerless news hounds of the award-winning Project Censored are up to!

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