A Manifesto for 2nd Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street

September 23, 2013

Last week marked the two year anniversary of the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street protests, andLasn_2008_JimLabounty Seven Stories Press author Kalle Lasn and Darren Fleet are still excited. The movement that their magazine Adbusters helped create has provided a needed outlet for the current generation to debate and advocate change with a system they believe just doesn’t work today. On this anniversary, Lasn and Fleet have written a manifesto for the ongoing Occupy movement on Globe and Mail.

A little over two years ago, there was the idea that we needed to do something to change our economy. But with the start of that simple demand, the ball began rolling about what we could do to fix the faults with our society. The same sparks that lit the Occupy Wall Street movement are the same ideas that helped ignite the protests and revolutions across the globe. “There is a growing conviction that the things that can happen, will happen. The world is still up for grabs,” says Lasn and Fleet in the Globe and Mail piece.

Lasn and Fleet believe this response is because the Y generation has been created under a pressure. Many claim that they are lazy, “ungrateful kids and milquetoast radicals” who don’t have the same dedicated work ethic of past generations. But Lasn and Fleet argue that it’s not that the current generation is incapable of following these old traditions—it’s that these systems don’t work anymore. It’s up to this generation to devise a new system and find a path to create a more sustainable, better world.

“It wasn’t always this way,” they write. “It won’t be this way forever.”

Lasn and Fleet write in their manifesto three tactical breakthroughs—or metamemes—they believe are necessary to keep the momentum of this movement.

1. Call for a radical re-think of the global economic system

2. Usher in a new era of radical transparency

3. Take inspiration and lessons from the revolution algorithm—using physical and virtual protests and tactics to demand debate and change.

The full article can be viewed at Globe and Mail’s website.

For more work by Kalle Lasn and Adbusters’ ideas on the direction of the Occupy Movement, please check out Meme Wars, a book challenging and debunking many of the assumptions of neoclassical economics and offering a more ecological model.

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