• What’s next?

    July 10, 2014

    Listen, we all know it’s true: summer can bum you out.  TV goes to reruns, it’s too hot to perform almost any of the duties of human existence, and, worst of all, the whole publishing industry slows to a crawl, with few new books emerging to meet the sun.  Well, we feel your pain, and we’d like to help.  Here are the next four books Seven Stories will be publishing, beginning in late August.  Think of them as a dip in the pool for your mind (and try to keep patient).

    The Disunited StatesDISUNITED STATES
    by Vladimir Pozner
    translated by Alison L. Strayer
    August 26, 2014

    In 1936, the Russian-French novelist and screenwriter Vladimir Pozner traveled to the United States, a nation on its knees in the midst of the Great Depression, and wrote luminously, incisively, of what he found there.  Think Alexis de Tocqueville meets James Agee, with just a twist of Faulkner.  

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  • Guadalupe Nettel is onto something…

    June 26, 2014

    Nettel Guadalupe_Lisbeth Salas1

    Opening up today’s New York Times, we were delighted to see Carmela Ciuraru’s write-up of Natural Histories, the slim collection of short fiction that marks the U.S. debut of Mexican literary superstar Guadalupe Nettel, as well as ace translator J.T. Lichtenstein.  Check it out:

    By Guadalupe Nettel, translated by J. T. Lichtenstein
    125 pages. Seven Stories. $18.95.

    Perhaps Guadalupe Nettel is onto something: Publish a slim collection of five flawless stories, rather than a larger, more uneven batch. An award-winning Mexican writer, Ms. Nettel creates marvelous parallels between the sorrows and follies of her human characters and the creatures they live with — whether as pets or pests. In the first story, a Paris lawyer becomes fixated on her Siamese fighting fish, a male-female pair, determined to preserve their harmonious existence as her marriage continues “its gradual course toward putrefaction.” In “War in the Trash Cans,” following a bizarre plan of attack in response to a cockroach infestation, a young girl spots one more in the corner of her room.

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  • Fresh snow

    June 20, 2014

    Every Seven Stories book is unique, like a snowflake.  That might sound escapist, given the swelter that’s settled over New York City this week, but it’s true.  Here are a few exciting recent titles you can hole up with in your igloo:

    Swados_MyDepressionElizabeth Swados‘s My Depression: A Picture Book

    I’m a pariah in my own mind.  Something slimy and scaly feels like it’s growing inside me.  I’m a grade B 1950s horror movie!

    Poet, writer, and doyenne of New York’s avant-garde theater world, Elizabeth Swados takes us on a soul-searching tour of emotional turmoil through a series of drawings and captions.  Whip-smart, candid, and gloriously warped, My Depression is a uniquely deep exploration of a disorder that afflicts more than 300 million people worldwide.


    Don’t miss the HBO Films animated feature My Depression, starring Sigourney Weaver, Steve Buscemi, and Fred Armisen!

    Rodriquez Hearts high res for Liz

    Luis J. Rodriguez’s Hearts and Hands

    Horses are being whispered to while our children are being shouted down.  

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  • Some good news in a Cruel World

    June 19, 2014


    Both translated fiction and LGBTQ writing are lamentably underrepresented in today’s literary landscape.  So it was major news when, one June 2nd, the Lambda Literary Foundation awarded this year’s prize for Gay General Fiction to Luis Negrón’s Mundo Cruel, translated from the Spanish by Suzanne Jill Levine.  It was a tremendous victory for a book that’s played the underdog from the start.

    In a new article at Publishers Weekly, Clare Swanson tells the book’s improbable story — a son who leaves Puerto Rico for New York to pursue a career in publishing, the book his mother gives him, and one sincere pitch at an editorial meeting come together to produce a major literary event.  Read it all here.

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    June 3, 2014

    We’re absolutely exultant to announce that Luis Negrón’s Mundo Cruel, translated by Suzanne Jill Levine, has won this year’s Lambda Literary Award for Gay General Fiction!


    Check out the Washington Post‘s coverage here!

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  • Behind the Book with Dan Wakefield

    June 2, 2014

    Dan Wakefield discusses If This Isn’t Nice, What Is?the inspiration behind the title, and Kurt’s speeches.

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  • Watch the official “Kill the Messenger” Trailer

    June 2, 2014

    Director Michael Cuesta brings to life Gary Webb’s exceptional work. Check out the film trailer and its inspiration, Dark Alliance.

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  • Check out the new book trailer for The Walls of Delhi!

    May 12, 2014

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  • “If This Isn’t Nice, What Is?” Debuts at #10 on the Barnes & Noble College Bestseller List

    May 2, 2014

    Dan Wakefield’s collection of Vonnegut’s tongue-in-cheek advice for graduates debuts at #10 on the Barnes & Noble College National Campus Bestseller List in the category of Hardcover Nonfiction!

    Don’t forget: Dan Wakefield and Nanette Vonnegut will be speaking at the Barnes and Noble on the Upper West Side on May 16th at 7PM. Dan will discuss Vonnegut’s graduation speeches from If This Isn’t Nice, What Is? Nanette Vonnegut will talk about her father’s playful felt-tip illustrations, which adorn the covers of many Kurt Vonnegut works.

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  • New Releases — May

    May 1, 2014


    Hearts and Hands, Second Edition

    Empowered by his experiences as a peacemaker with gangs in Los Angeles and Chicago, Luis Rodriguez offers a unique book of change. He makes concrete suggestions, shows how we can create nonviolent opportunities for youth today, and redirects kids into productive and satisfying lives. And he warns that we sacrifice community values for material gain when we incarcerate or marginalize people already on the edge of society. His interest in dissolving gang influence on black and latino kids is personal as well as societal; his son, to whom he dedicates Hearts and Hands, is currently serving a prison sentence for gang-related activity. With anecdotes, interviews, and time-tested guidelines, Hearts and Hands makes a powerful argument for building and supporting community life.



    The Walls of Delhi: Three Stories

    A sweeper discovers a cache of black money and escapes to see the Taj Mahal with his underage mistress; an untouchable races to reclaim his life stolen by an upper-caste identity thief; a slum baby’s head gets bigger and bigger as he gets smarter and smarter, while his family tries to find a cure.

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