• Authors

    • Ariel Dorfman - Author of La muerte y la doncella, Widows, Blake’s Therapy, and many more.
    • Art Shay - Author of Chicago’s Nelson Algren and genius photographer.
    • Barry Gifford - Author of Imagination of the Heart, Port Tropique, American Falls, and dozens of other novels and books. What lies behind the door of Barry Gifford?
    • Braverman Archive - Kate Braverman, author of Lithium for Medea, Palm Latitudes, and The Incantation of Frida K.
    • Carol Felsenthal - Author of Citizen Newhouse and Power, Privilege and the Post.
    • David Hilfiker - Articles, speeches, and sermons from doctor and activist David Hilfiker, author of Urban Injustice: How Ghettos Happen.
    • David Swanson’s Let’s Try Democracy - David Swanson’s regularly-updated blog on his book Daybreak, as well as on the imperial presidency and its continuing operations around the world.
    • Derrick Jensen - Author of Endgame, What We Leave Behind, As the World Burns, Culture of Make Believe, and many more.
    • Detainees - Photos, writing, and commentary by the inimitable Seven Stories author Linh Dinh.
    • Gary Null - Nutritionist and author of Be a Healthy Woman, the Food-Mood Connection, and many more.
    • Harriet Chessman - Author of Ohio Angels and Lydia Cassat Reading the Morning Paper.
    • Jack D. Forbes - The comprehensive website of Professor Jack D. Forbes, author of Columbus and Other Cannibals.
    • James Ridgeway - Author of The Five Unanswered Questions about 9/11 and contributor to The Contenders.
    • Karin Bauer - The faculty page for Karin Bauer, modern Frankfurt School intellectual historian and the editor of Everybody Talks About the Weather… We Don’t.
    • Kate Bornstein - Kate Bornstein, author of Hello, Cruel World and the upcoming Kate Bornstein is a Queer and Pleasant Danger, holding forth on every known topic and every unknown one as well.
    • Lesley Chamberlain - Author of The Secret Artist, Nietzsche in Turin and many books besides.
    • Lynne Sharon Schwartz - Author of Conversations with W.G. Sebald and A Place to Live.
    • Marian Schwartz - Translator of Oblomov and many other Russian works.
    • Martin Garbus at the Huffington Post - Torturer in the Mirror and The Next 25 Years author Martin Garbus’s Huffington Post blog.
    • Nancy Snow - Nancy Snow, author of Propaganda Inc., Huffington Post blogger, and voice of conscience.
    • Paul Krassner - America’s best-loved radical satirist, founder of The Realist, and the author of One Hand Jerking.
    • Project Censored - Media Democracy in Action.
    • Sabrina Chapadjiev - The editor of Live Through This, Cliterature, and master of spoken word performance.
    • Sonia Shah - The author of Crude: The Story of Oil’s website, with a vast collection of articles on politics, culture, oil, and human rights.
    • Ted Honderich - A philosopher’s pages, featuring writings on consciousness and politics. From the author of “Right and Wrong, and Palestine, 9-11, Iraq, 7-7…”.
    • Warren Grossman - Author of To Be Healed by the Earth.
  • Blogroll

  • Presses We Like

    • AK Press - Collectively-run anarchist press: equip yourself to smash the state.
    • Akashic Books - Urban literary fiction and the political nonfiction that _they_ don’t want you to read.
    • Chelsea Green - A press dedicated to the politics and practice of sustainable living.
    • Melville House - Is it a publishing house? Is it a bookstore? Is it a gallery? Is it one of the best independent fiction publishers in New York City?
    • Overlook Press - P.G. Wodehouse, Joseph Roth, and all the literature the corporate presses overlook.
    • PM Press - A radical press founded in 2007: young, dangerous, excellent.
    • Soft Skull Press - Independent fiction, poetry, comics, nonfiction, erotica, reality.
  • Resources

    • A New Way Forward - A nationwide movement for bank and financial sector reform. Find a new way forward from the crisis!
    • AlterNet - The alternative to censorship, to ingorance, to misinformation.
    • Counterpoise - Awesome publication with reviews of small and independent press books, original essays, and basically everything you need.
    • Culture Project - Theater with a conscience.
    • Minimum Security - A comic strip by Stephanie McMillan, artist of As the World Burns. Beloved by everyone except Bill Napoli.
    • Open Debates - A non-profit organization working to reform the Presidential debate process.
    • Project Censored - Media Democracy in Action.
    • Teaching For Change - Founders, with Rethinking Schools, of the Zinn Education Project, putting Howard Zinn’s work in the hands of educators around the United States.
    • Teaching for Change’s Busboys and Poets Bookstore - The best books for kids, young adults, teachers and anyone interested in education, hand-selected by the staff of Teaching for Change and available guilt-free. Support independent bookstores!
    • Tincwear - The gender-bending clothing line of the enigmatic Savannah Knoop, alias J.T. LeRoy, alias the author of Girl Boy Girl.
    • Voices of a People’s History - Based on the book by Howard Zinn and Anthony Arnove, Voices tours the country bringing a people’s history to life.

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