Uday Prakash to Speak at Northwestern University

April 28, 2014 11:35am

April 28th @ 4pm9781609805289_large
Leopold Room in Harris Hall
on Northwestern’s Evanston campus

One of India’s most original and audacious writers Uday Prakash will speak at Northwestern University on April 28th.

Translated by Jason Grunebaum, The Walls of Delhi is an intricately  woven book, composed of three stinging and comic tales of living and surviving in today’s globalized India: a sweeper discovers a cache of black money and escapes to see the Taj Mahal with his underage mistress; an untouchable races to reclaim his life stolen by an upper-caste identity thief; a slum baby’s head gets bigger and bigger as he gets smarter and smarter, while his family tries to find a cure.

In these stories, Prakash portrays the realities about caste and class with an authenticity rarely seen in English-language fiction about South Asia. Told in a compelling, vivid, and thoroughly modern voice, sharply political but free of heavy handedness, Prakash’s words leave an imprint on the mind and heart long after the final page is turned.

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