NYC Screening of Agent Orange Documentary: “The Tale of An Phuc House”

June 17, 2013 3:28pm

UPDATE: The Tale of An Phuc House won Best Documentary!

The Tale of An Phuc House, a powerful documentary about Vietnamese Agent Orange victims, has been nominated for Best Documentary at the New York City International Film Festival (June 13-20).

The Tale of An Phuc House is a powerful glimpse into the everyNYCIFF logoday lives of twenty disabled children – third generation victims of the Agent Orange warfare that occurred during the Vietnam War (1963-1973). An inspirational video tale about pride, dignity and love;  a story of a man who dedicates his life to the well-being of his adopted family;  a story of twenty exceptional young adults, whose disabilities brought them together under one roof; a story about ordinary people living  extraordinary lives despite their unfortunate physical conditions.”–

The documentary will be screened at the Producer’s Club Theater at 6 p.m. on Monday, June 17. Produced by Canada’s Babel Entertainment in association with Vietnam’s Crea-TV, and directed by Ivan Tankushev, it competes with four other documentaries for the coveted title.

For tickets to the screening:

For more information about the disastrous effects of Agent Orange to the Vietnamese and Vietnam War veterans, check out Fred Wilcox’s acclaimed books: Waiting for an Army to Die and Scorched Earth.

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