Joel Magnuson at Annie Bloom’s Books in Portland

May 6, 2013 7:00pm

Joel Magnuson Book TourMagnuson_TheApproachingGreatTransformation
Monday, May 6th @ 7:00pm
Annie Bloom’s Books
7834 SW Capitol Hwy 
Portland, OR


Joel Magnuson will be at Annie Bloom’s Books to read and discuss his new book, The Approaching Great Transformation: Toward a Livable Post Carbon Economy, on Monday, May 6th.

The oncoming decline of the Oil Age, the facts are hard: global oil deposits will soon reach their peak, a violent race to get whats left has begun, and our culture of consumption is heedlessly dependent on oil and other fossil fuels. The consequences will not just be longer lines and higher prices at the gas pump, but as Magnuson explains the very nature of life as we know it hangs in the balance with the onsite of this inevitable change which stands to become a needless catastrophe.

Magnuson’s visionary insights do not only highlight the negative compounding factors of dwindling resources, global warming, increasing debt, and ill-prepared government. He also argues that mindful and concentrated action of individuals and communities around the world can reshape our future into a world shifted away from a consumer culture. By emphasizing projects such as B-Corporations and LETS projects, Magnuson shows us that the great transformation is already underway.

Joel will be available for question and answer, as well as book signings. To learn more about the event, go to the Annie Bloom’s Books event page.

The Approaching Great Transformation is a breath of fresh air in a world of hackneyed nonsolutions to our social and economic problems. Professor Magnuson pulls no punches regarding the coming collapse of the corporate-commercial-consumer society, or the inability of technological fixes and ‘green capitalism’ to bail us out of the historical crunch that is virtually upon us. Rather, as we start to run out of energy (read: oil) and are forced to abandon obsolete notions of ‘growth’ and ‘progress’, we shall have to confront the question we have collectively been avoiding for roughly 500 years: If money is not the purpose of life, what is? Whether the alternative models discussed in this book prove to be viable or not, the author makes it clear that what we are living with now is no choice at all. His message is simple: change or die.”
—Morris Berman, author of Why America Failed

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