Gregory Sumner book release event in Indy

Gregory Sumner book release event in Indy

November 11, 2011 5:00pm

Howdy, Hoosiers!

There will be an event celebrating the release of Gregory Sumner‘s new book Unstuck in Time: A Journey Through Kurt Vonnegut’s Life and Work on Friday, November 11th at 5pm.

The book release event is free and open to the public.

Greg Sumner will also be part of a panel discussion as part of Vonnegut’s birthday celebration at the Frank and Katrina Basile Theater at 7:30pm “Vonnegut on the Body: A Spirit and Place Festival Event” on Friday, November 11th.

For tickets and more info:

Unstuck in Time is a portrait of the quintessential American writer as seen through the lens of his most important work. In Unstuck in Time (Seven Stories Press, November 11, 2011), Gregory Sumner guides us through Kurt Vonnegut’s best known works, fromPlayer Piano (1952) to Timequake (1997) and including an epilogue on his last book, A Man Without a Country (2005), to illustrate the writer’s profound engagement with the American Dream in its various forms.

Kurt Vonnegut was an active and critical citizen, a lover of his country even as he railed against its shortcomings and anguished over its failed promises. His books, written under dramatically changing personal circumstances and against the backdrop of seismic shifts in our country’s history, read together as a kind of diary, the entries of which Sumner here lays out with great passion and insight.

Greg Sumner has been a professor of history at University of Detroit Mercy since 1993. He holds a doctorate in American history from Indiana University and is the author ofDwight Macdonald and the Politics Circle.

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