Brian Francis Slattery at Porter Square Books, September 29th, 2014

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The Family Hightower

“There will be blood, Brian Slattery promises early on, and man, does he deliver. Expertly paced and beautifully detailed, The Family Hightower is a Ukrainian-American Godfather—a time-traveling, globetrotting crime saga spanning the last century, spiriting the reader from Morocco to Zimbabwe to Romania and always back home to strangely exotic Cleveland. Completely satisfying and completely brilliant.”

—Stewart O’Nan, author of A Prayer for the Dying and Last Night at the Lobster

In 1968 two boys are born into a large family, both named for their grandfather, Peter Henry Hightower. One boy—Peter—grows up in Africa and ends up a journalist in Granada. The other—Petey—becomes a minor criminal, first in Cleveland and then in Kiev. In 1995, Petey runs afoul of his associates and disappears. But the criminals, bent on revenge, track down the wrong cousin, and the Peter in Granada finds himself on the run. He bounces from one family member to the next, piecing together his cousin’s involvement in international crime while learning the truth about his family’s complicated history. Along the way the original Peter Henry Hightower’s story is revealed, until it catches up with that of his children, revealing how Peter and Petey have been living in their grandfather’s shadow all along.

The Family Hightower takes a look at capitalism and organized crime in the 20th century, the legend of the self-made man, and what money can do to people. Like Jeffrey Eugenides’ Middlesex, The Family Hightower stretches across both generations and continents, bearing the weight of family secrets and the inevitable personal toll they take on loved ones despite our best intentions.

Novelist, musician and editor Brian Francis Slattery is the author of three previous novels. Spaceman Blues (2007) was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award and was a finalist for the Connecticut Book Award. Liberation (2008) was named by Amazon’s editors the best science-fiction book of 2008. Lost Everything (2012) won the 2012 Philip K. Dick Award. He was previously a senior editor of the Journal of International Affairs and an editor and co-founder of the New Haven Review. He lives with his wife and young son in New Haven, Connecticut.

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