Pakistani and Indian Independence Days

August 15, 2013

Today marks Pakistan and India’s 67th year of independence from oppressive British rule and the day Pakistan and India formed separate, sovereign nations. As we celebrate their independence, we also remember with sadness the partition’s bloody aftermath. Religious tension between Pakistani Muslims and Indian Hindus came to a head in violent riots that killed an estimated half million people. The partition’s legacy affects the neighboring countries’ relationship to this day and they have fought three major wars since 1947.

Always at the forefront of social justice, ideological clashes, and international studies, Seven Stories has many titles (and forthcoming titles!) relating to Pakistan, India, and religious conflict. A selection:

India Divided: Diversity and Democracy Under Attack by Vandana Shiva

Shiva analyzes India’s potential nuclear conflict with Pakistan, the rise of fundamentalism within its own borders, and the very real threat of mass famine and economic enslavement of its citizens to the forces of globalization.

The Walls of Delhi by Uday Prakash (out May 13, 2014)

One of India’s most original and audacious writers, Uday Prakash, weaves three stinging and comic tales of living and surviving in today’s globalized India. In his stories, Prakash portrays realities about caste and class with an authenticity rarely seen in English-language fiction about South Asia.

Israel/Palestine: How to End the War of 1948 by Tanya Reinhart

Israeli journalist Reinhart closely examines the roots of the Israeli-Palestinian clash, explains the latest developments, and offers a proposal for moving beyond the violence.

City of Widows: An Iraqi Woman’ s Account of War and Resistance by Haifa Zangana

Zangana, a former political prisoner of the Ba’ath regime puts the current plight of Iraqi women in context, tracing a long line of daring and vocal activists resisting foreign aggression and despotism for the past hundred years.

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