Hang Up, Before its too Late

February 12, 2013

We have all heard arguments surrounding the dangers of technology. But lets face it- few of us can last a day without our smartphone, tablet, or computer. From texting to tweeting, emailing to reading, most of us are attached to our devices. But whether you have an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android, your cell phone could pose a major risk to your health.

On January 24th, the European Environmental Agency published a major report about technology-related health risks, specifically the use of mobile phones. According to the study, the long-term use of these devices increase the risk of brain tumors. The electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by mobile phones is a possible carcinogenic, but policy makers have still been slow to respond to these possible threats to our health.

Martin Blank, a seasoned researcher of EMR, argues the same points in his upcoming book Overpowered (Seven Stories Press, Fall 2013). This new research is sure to have a major impact on policy, science, and our global society. To read the whole 750-page study, visit:, and be sure to check out Martin Black’s book this fall!

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