Graphic Policy reviews Parecomic!

August 12, 2013

Parecomic, written by Sean Michael Wilson and drawn by Carl Thompson, received a rave review on the Graphic Policy  by Brett Schenker, who excellently described what Wilson wanted his audience to feel.

“This graphic novel challenged me to think through new ideas as well as the world we live in. Even better it did so in a way I didn’t find boring or grating to read, much like some of the works referenced within it. Parecomic is a fine example of how far the comic medium has come. It’s no longer ruled by only heroes in tights, it’s now a tool in our greater understanding of the world and further education.”

Schenker  declares that Parecomic “challenges the reader,” in a way that makes the reader stop to contemplate the material he/she is reading and connect it to different concepts. He says “Wilson makes what might not be easy to understand ideas digestible.” Along with praising Wilson, he complements Thompson’s art by saying it is “simple but engaging, with great renditions of many real life people who are easily recognizable.”

Parecomic is a great tool to educated oneself on “Participatory economics” (parecom), a proposed alternative to capitalism. It values equity, solidarity, diversity, and participatory self-management. In Albert’s vision, workers and consumers councils use self-managed decision-making, balanced job complexes, renumeration according to duration, intensity, and onerousness of socially valued labor; and participatory planning.

Toward the end, Schenker expresses,  ”Instead I was left with a want to talk to Albert himself with my questions on how his concept works on the micro and macro scale.”


Read the review here.

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