Friday Reads

February 1, 2013

Every Friday, the staff at Seven Stories is pleased to share with you what they’re reading. Check in every week for some great reading picks!


Travels with Charley, John Steinbeck—”Steinbeck’s descriptive writing is enough to give anyone the travel bug. He paints a picture of an America I didn’t even think existed!”


The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P., Adelle Waldman— “Adelle Waldman, who has an amazing gift for characterizing what’s fast, funny, and depressingly inauthentic about a certain set of overeducated, under-inspired young literary Turks in New York City today.”


Hiroshima, John Hersey— “I had to read the first chapter for a narrative journalism workshop in college and I’m just getting back to the rest of it now. A blurb from the back: ‘Nothing can be said about this book that can equal what the book has to say. It speaks for itself, and in an unforgettable way, for humanity.’ (NYT) I couldn’t agree more. Haunting.”


We the Animals, Justin Torres— “An emotional account of the narrator’s childhood in upstate NY with a brutish father and teen-aged mother–the boy’s increasing alienation from his parents and older brothers is raw and enveloping, so many moments in this short book will stick with me.”

Pam Geek Love,  Katherine Dunn—”A story about a morally bankrupt family of sideshow performers, this book’s prose manages to be beautiful and horrifying in equal measures.”


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