CNN’s Must-Reads on Income Inequality

August 20, 2013

This past June, CNN asked its readers to decide which five of twenty possible stories columnist John Sutter would cover in his Change the List Project. With 16,789 votes, first place went to “America’s widening rich-poor gap.”

Sutter says, “I love that each of these stories was chosen by you. I see that as a mandate of sorts. When journalists pitch big projects they sometimes wonder, ‘Is this really the best use of my time?’ I don’t have those doubts with Change the List. I know I’m working on your behalf — on the topics you’ve deemed most important.” Those of us at Seven Stories are encouraged that the public is so interested in income inequality; we think it’s pretty important too.

As Sutter begins researching his series, he’s asking the public again for help. This time, he wants help compiling a list of approximately 100 “must reads” on the subject of income inequality. He explains, “…it makes sense to survey the smart, exciting works already out there. Why not make the creation of this must-read list a collective, public experiment?”

You can submit ideas to his Facebook post, Google+ post, or comment at the bottom of his CNN article!

Some of our picks:

Meme Wars: The Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economics by Kalle Lasn and Adbusters

From the editor and magazine that started and named the Occupy Wall Street movement, Meme Wars lays out the next steps in rethinking and remaking our world with a new economic paradigm.

The Rich Don’t Always Win: The Forgotten Triumph Over Plutocracy that Created the American Middle Class by Sam Pizzigati


For the 99%, this book tells how income inequality developed in the early years of the century.

Profit Over People: Neoliberalism and Global Order by Noam Chomsky

The culprit in all cases is neoliberal ideology: the belief in the supremacy of “free” markets to drive and govern human affairs. Chomsky traces the history of neoliberalism and reveals the roots of the present crisis.

“Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!”  by Ralph Nader

What if some of America’s most powerful individuals decided it was time to fix our government and return the power to the people? In this first novel, a return to the American tradition of utopian fiction, Ralph Nader imagines the answer.

Be sure to submit your pick! We look forward to following this promising new series.

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