Are Robots replacing us?

July 25, 2013

Subhankar Banerjee, author of Arctic Voices: Resistance at the tipping point, published in 2012, and being-re printed on August 20, 2013, wrote an article on Climate Story Tellers titled, “The US Government is Metamorphosing Into the Borg.”

The highlight of his article is the US Defense Advance Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA’s), new robot, Atlas. Atlas was created from the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) in October 2012. The New York Times headlined the news of Atlas’s construction with “May Foreshadow Age of ‘Robo Sapiens.’”

Atlas was designed to “take on some of the most dangerous and high–stakes jobs imaginable, such as tending to a nuclear reactor during a meltdown, shutting off a deep–water oil spill, or helping to put out a raging wildfire.” says the MIT Technology Review. There are many who doubt this and feel as thought DARPA could be using Atlas as a military weapon, versus a champion for the people robot.

Either way, the intelligence is not ready for any action. DARPA reports that Atlas has a “competence of a one-year-old.” The question is when DARPA does finalize Atlas, and all his other twin soldiers, will the US Military replace Homo sapiens? And are they creating robots for our safety, or because we are not to be trusted.

Banerjee creates a compelling article, referring Edward Snowden, on the use of technology in order to get rid of homo sapiens.

“In 1968 (I was one–year old) if I had told you that the US government would someday use the Internet to spy on US citizens and people of the world—you would have said: “That’s a toddler talking.” As it turns out, that year, the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA, later renamed DARPA) of the US Department of Defense approved a plan to develop what would become the ARPANET—the progenitor of what we now call the Internet. The Internet’s gene is through and through military. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that the Obama administration has figured out a way to spy on all forms of global Internet communications. After Atlas grows up, the “homeland security, anti–terrorism and warfare will never be the same,” the noted.”

Although DARPA proclaims that Atlas is only to be used for humanitarian efforts, Banerjee says, quite profoundly, “We don’t need robots. Instead we need to “move in the opposite direction” that Schumacher had suggested. We need to care for each other and give space to nonhuman biotic communities to thrive on this Earth.”

The basic compliance is being humane and understanding the significance of letting living beings flourish on this earth without the need for mechanical robots. We are developing into a world where technology will outlive the people it is protecting.

Banerjee ends his article with a thought-provoking statement:  “Equipped with Atlases on the ground, backed by drones in the sky, and real–time global surveillance—the US government will soon be ready to announce: “Resistance is futile.”


Read Subhankar Banerjee entire article here:

The US Government Is Metamorphosing Into the Borg


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