August 5, 2013

Just a couple days ago Huffington Post, YouTube, MSN, Democratic Underground, and a slew of other websites re-posted Katie Vyktoriah’s, stay-at-home mom and blogger of, blog post, “What Happened When My Son Wore A Pink Headband To Walmart.”

Vyktoriah’s two-year-old son, Dexter, decided to wear a pink headband to Wal-Mart, and while shopping, a man asked her if that was a boy. She responded yes. He then reached forward, threw off his headband, and after the mother had intervened asking him to never touch her son again, the man responded with: “Your son is a f*cking fa***t.” However before he left, he remarked, “He’ll get shot for it one day.”

Her article goes on to discuss her feelings after this incident and explores the issue of homophobia in our country. Her fear’s of this kind of behavior and people viewing members of the LGBTQ community as “lesser.” Her story and feelings regarding it, is an example of why James Lecesne, one of the founders of the Trevor Project, and author of Trevor created a beautifully written novella depicting a boys struggle with being different, and how he comes to accept it.



Tomorrow, (August 6, 2013) Seven Stories Press is publishing the paperback version of Trevor, an important novella, that not only tells an exceptional story, however educates the reader as well.

As recent news illuminates the LGBTQ community: from Pope Francis “okay with gays,” to world-wide marriage equality spreading, to a substantial increases of protests, activists, and all around education on LGBTQ rights It is important to understand the background of Trevor and the movement it created.

Trevor is an updated version on the Academy Award-winning short film Trevor. Trevor is a 13-year-old, full of life, until he finds himself taunted endlessly, harassed for being different, and misunderstood by his parents. Trevor finds himself contemplating his own life, however he is no victim.

Trevor signifies a character and a struggle millions go through. Gary J Gates of The Williams Institute reported in 2011 “there are more than 8 million adults in the US who are lesbian, gay, or bisexual, comprising 3.5% of the adult population. In total, the study suggests that approximately 9 million Americans – roughly the population of New Jersey – identify as LGBT” ( The novella is important to not only explain a struggle, however to inform the youth that suicide is not the answer.

Trevor mixes humor and realism in an urgent look at what it is like to feel alienated from everything around you. And more importantly, what critical ties can step in at the most unlikely moment, to save you from despair, and give you reason to go on living.

The Trevor Project was founded in 1988 by James Lecesne, Peggy Rajski and Randy Stone. The Trevor Project is the “only national crisis lifeline for LGBTQ teens and young adults, Trevor offers unique suicide prevention services to youth in digital spaces, including counseling via instant message through TrevorChat and the largest online social network specifically for young LGBTQ people, TrevorSpace,” The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning youth.For more information visit:



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Katie Vyktoriah’s blog has been temporarily closed, although this is her Facebook Link

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